June 11, 2018


Once a handy gardening tool,
now a graceful planter...

It was time to retire this old watering can.  I went to fill it one morning and was disappointed to see water gushing out through the bottom.

 A hole had worn through the thin plastic and could no longer retain water. 

Oh my!

This had been my nifty little helper for years.  It's survived a couple of moves and has been a constant  presence on my patio helping me nurture my plants year after year.

I started to throw it away but then hesitated.  I couldn't ditch my faithful friend simply because it had become tired and worn.  I needed to find it a new purpose.  I needed to give it new life.

And so it begins it's new role as a planter.

And while this may not be the most original idea, 
it's the most practical one for me.

I love the color and whimsy it adds to my patio.


Everything is not trash.
We just have to look at things a different way, that's all.

I think Rocky gives his approval.  He jumped in on the photo op.
He didn't want to be left out so of course I had to include this photo of my handsome little furry friend.

What is your favorite container in your garden?  
I'd like to know.

Until next time!

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  1. Very clever, Beca!!! Cutie pie Rocky included, of course! We really can make use of so much we consider throwing out...just repurpose it somehow! Take care, diana

  2. Great idea!! I will have to reevaluate my items I consider trash from here on out.

  3. It's a lovely color and looks great as a planter. Unfortunately, anything made out of plastic and left out in the heat here just starts to crumble away at some point and there's no way to save it. I have saved so many cans and jars and bottle that I must upcycle and give away because I'm running out of space. Have a good week!

  4. That's a great idea and looks so lovely! I love the picture with Rocky!

  5. What a lovely idea for a planter and I love that it’s being repurposed too xx

  6. The little watering can looks perfect in its new life. Your new pretty does add a touch whimsy to your patio. I love the idea of repurposing pretties and making them shine in another way. Love the gorgeous quilt in the background, Beca. Love all the pretty colour and pattern. As for my favourite container in my garden.....I think it would have to be a vintage swan pot.

  7. Very pretty and such a good use of a tired watering can, the worn patch making good drainage. I have painted some old tyres to use as planters and I am in the process of making a herb garden out of old pallets.

  8. Great way to repurpose your favourite watering can. I have a huge pot on my patio that apparently once came from Africa. The older it gets, the better it looks....just like us!

  9. Your watering can looks great as a planter. I really like the soft yellow color. I have three and small one, a large one and then another large one that the neighbor was throwing out and asked if I could use it. I'm always taking the things that she is tired of . . . she laughs and says if she ever gets lonesome for them, she'll come over and visit, LOL. One of the things she gave me was an old garden gate. I have had it in the bedroom, but I'm planning on mounting it under the kitchen window and making a trellis for a climbing rose with it. You asked what is my favorite container. I have two, a terracotta rooster and a hen. My mother bought them in Mexico over 50 years ago. I have them planted with hens and chicks that she even gave me the starts for. I love them and always think of her when I see them, which in the warm months, is almost everyday :)
    Before I go I want to thank you for being so sweet. Your blog is an inspiration and always a happy place to visit, filled with hope and encouragement. You're a special blogging friend.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Connie :)

  10. That's a great idea! It turned out lovely:)

  11. What a nice idea Beca. I love how nice it looks as a planter outside and the color of the can. I would have never thought to do that with the watering can.
    thanks for the visit to my blog today!
    Have a nice day and enjoy the week


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