June 14, 2018

Treasure Hunting #1

I don't go thrifting these days as much as I would like.  I've trained myself to go less often and when I do go, to only buy what I really love.  A few years back I would go more regularly.  I would hit the yard sales too and bring home everything that tickled my fancy.  It was fun but back then we had a bigger house and more money.  Once we moved to New Mexico all that had to stop.  Clutter is not your friend when you live in a small house with five people.

My shopping trip this week was a little unintentional.  I went by our local charity shop to drop off  some food for their food pantry and couldn't walk out without taking a quick look.  My favorite place to go is the linens department.  There's a soft place in my heart for vintage linens.  More specifically, the hand made kind.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I spotted so much patchwork perfection on the rack.

Fabulous find number one:
this wonderful vintage quilt for only 6 dollars.

Some of you spied this quilt in my previous post.  I used it for a backdrop.  It's tattered around the edges but that didn't keep me from buying it.  It's very clean.  No stains.  I thought I could fix it somehow.

I draped it over the back of this love seat out on our porch.  I like the way it looks there so that's where it will stay for now.

Next up:
these three vintage quilt tops.

I am not the best seamstress in the world but I've had success finishing a quilt top in the past.  It looks like I have my work cut out for me as I already have a few of these in storage.  I have a hard time passing these up if I like the print.

I bought them because of the straight lines.  I can sew a straight line so I feel like I could finish quilting these following the straight seams.   There was another quilt top that I didn't buy.  The piecing was rounder and the edges were curved.  I thought with my limited sewing skills that it would be too much of a challenge but these, I think I can handle.  I may not get to them for a while though but one of these days they will be finished quilts...

The two quilt tops above were 8 dollars each and the one below was 16 because it's applique.  Considering how much quilts go for I thought even at 16 dollars it was still reasonable.
Someone's already done all the hard work piecing these together.

And now, the only non linen find:
this pretty tole tray for only 3 dollars.

It has a few dings and scratches but that's ok.  I don't need it to be perfect.
 I'm not looking for fancy things.  I don't mind the imperfections at all.  I think it just adds character.
It fit nicely above my stove.

Have you been bargain hunting lately?

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  1. Beca, you have happened upon the most beautiful bargains. I too would have had to take them home with me. I love the quilted beauty displayed on your love sweet. I think your porch would be a beautiful place to sit a while. The quilt tops are so pretty as well. So much time and care has gone into the stitching of each one. How lovely you get to enjoy these pretties each day. The tole tray is a beauty too. It looks fabulous sitting on your stove. I too love looking for treasures in op shops, especially lovely linens.

  2. Those were some vintage finds!! I never come across such great items at our local thrift shop! I am sure you will put your special touch on them and make them heirlooms.

  3. Hi Beca, I love all the sweet quilts that you found! The tray is so pretty, too. I love your porch, it's such a nice place to enjoy a summer day. I can't resist a thrifty find. I just found 3 green depression glass plates for $1 each! I almost skipped out of the store. Haha! xo Karen

  4. You must have the best shop in your area! Those beautiful quilts! Great find! Anna x

  5. You definitely found a full load of treasures! Enjoy!

  6. All your finds are lovely! The quilts are colorful and pretty and you did a great job sewing the border. It looks lovely in your porch:)

  7. Olá

    Tudo muito bonito, grandes ideias, obrigada.



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