July 17, 2018

Another Year Older...

I know I'm not supposed to buy myself a present for my own birthday.
 Who does such self indulging nonsense?

I do.

 Although, I assure you I'm not a narcissist or some vain, self absorbed person.

It's something I started doing a couple of years ago.  It's therapeutic in a way.
 If giving a gift is a demonstration of love, why not do it for ourselves.  

I remember as a young girl being aware of my flaws.  Wishing I had more of this, less of that.  Wishing I was taller and leaner.  Wishing I had straight hair and not curly.  Wishing I had perfect teeth and flawless skin.  

I think all girls play that comparison game.  Some more than others.  Maybe it's only natural.  After all, don't all little girls want to grow up to be beautiful princesses?

It's only been within the last decade or so that I've become more content with myself.
 I don't worry so much about my size, or my looks. It's important, but I don't fret about it.
My focus has changed.

These days I am more concerned with my heart.
 For that is where real beauty lies.  

I still want to be pretty, don't get me wrong.
 But I don't want to be someone else's version of pretty.
 I want to be my own version of pretty.
 I want to be me.
 The best version of me I can be.  

And it starts on the inside, and it will overflow to the outside.


I don't know if I've made much sense.  All these words I've typed might be nonsensical babble.  All I know is that it's been a journey to reach the point I'm at. To be able to get over my own insecurities and be more open to see the needs of others.

  Self love is healing.

And Lord as I turn another year older, create in me a pure heart, that love may abound, that I may give it to others more freely, that I may serve you better, in all that I do.

Happy birthday to me.


  1. The happiest of birthdays to you, beautiful Beca! Love, love, love your presents to yourself, especially the little blue number with the white flowers blooming all over it. I always wanted my straight hair to be curly when I was younger, and I might add a few other improvements. The best thing about getting older is that we grow content in our own skin and not worry too much about what the world deems we should look and be like. We accept "This is Me". =) Another beautiful post. Your thoughts and words always sprinkle sunshine in my day. You are beautiful inside and out, dear Beca! Have the best birthday filled with oodles of love......enjoy!

  2. Happy Birthday Beca. I love your pretty tops and necklaces. Enjoy :)

  3. Hi Beca Happy birthday to you my friend and i think its wonderful to buy yourself some goodies. I love what you have bought your tops are beautiful,lovely post xx

  4. How beautiful this reading are very special Beca and it's a wonderful day when women recognize how important it is to just be glad you bought such pretty gifts for yourself and hope your day was fun! I just love your blog more and more. Thank you, diane.

    1. Diane you are a ray of sunshine! I love it when you come visit me. Thank you sweetness.
      xx Beca

  5. Happy Birthday to you Beca! I always buy myself some special little treat for my birthday too. My Mum usually gives me money as its too hard for her to gift shop now she is elderly. So I use Mums money to buy myself a special treat ... something to keep & enjoy, not something to eat :-)

  6. Such a beautiful post, belated Birthday wishes.

  7. Happy birthday, what a lovely post. I think it’s lovely to treat yourself to a present, after all, a birthday is something to be celebrated xx

  8. Happy Birthday, Beca!! Lovely post with very uplifting advice to all women. I love your presents they are all beautiful for a beautiful lady.

  9. Happy Birthday Sweet Beca, Your words touched my heart. I do think that as most of us grow older we start shedding all the non-important feeling that we have about ourselves and about others. I don't think it is vain to love yourself, it is vain to be in love with yourself. Does that make sense? My grandma used to say, "beauty is as beauty does" . . . that's hard to grab a hold of when you're young and being overwhelmed my beautiful models in ads and on TV and movies. When we are young we want outward beauty and when we get older we discover that being ourselves and giving the Lord room to grow in us is all that we need. He will work the beauty that is in us to the surface. You Are Beautiful and your smile is heart warming. I am delighted to know that you can see it now and be yourself. It took me a long time to stop comparing myself to what I thought I should be, and how I should look. It's wonderful to be free of that!
    Again Happy Birthday.
    Connie :)

  10. Happy Birthday to you:) Lovely shopping! I sometimes shop on my Birthday too and it's fun.

  11. Happy Birthday to you !!!
    Everybody should buy something to oneself for Birthday ! We have to love ourselves first ! Your gifts are lovely !

  12. Belated Happy Birthday Beca! It's a beautiful and inspiring post, and it makes perfect sense! I am so glad you treated yourself to a lovely present on your special day!

  13. Happy Birthday to you! And you should get yourself a present. Great post with wise thoughts!x

  14. Happy birthday Beca. Beautiful tops. Greetings.

  15. Happy birthday Beca. Hope you had a lovely day. May God bless you richly and answer your prayer. To create in us a pure heart is a good thing indeed. Cathy x

  16. Happy belated birthday!! Absolutely, you should get gifts for yourself- after all, who knows what you want better than you?


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