July 13, 2018

Art for the Soul ...

Are you like me?
Do you like to dabble in many things?

I have crochet going on in a basket over here,
a knit baby blanket in a basket over there,
a cross stitch kit I recently purchased that I can't wait to start on,

but here lately I've been doing a little of this. 

I sometimes sit and color in the morning with a cup of coffee next to me.
Other times I sneak it in during the day in between chores.  

 I keep my coloring pencils on my desktop and my Bible in the desk drawer which makes it easy to pull out and tuck back in as needed.

If I was a real artist I could sketch out these pretties all on my own 
and I wouldn't need these pre-stamped images, 
but for those of us who aren't so artistically inclined, the lines help.

The illustrations are small and I find it only takes a few minutes to finish one page.
A quick mini masterpiece tackled before I run off to fold a load of laundry.

I am a visual person. 
That extra element of illustration and color takes my devotions to the next level.

 My mind reads the words...

my heart takes them in...

and my eyes dance a jig.

Thought for the weekend,

Do Justly
Love Mercy
Walk Humbly


  1. My Bible is much the same it lifts my spirits and enables me to take more in. I have a mixture of pre printed pages and some that I design myself, an enjoyable challenge.

  2. Hi Beca! YES! I love all the crafty/artsy stuff. Your coloring Bible is very fun!
    I had to clear out all my bags of projects recently because we had a houseguest. Now I have book club in a few weeks so I can't put it all back in my little sphere of creative fun. Soon.

  3. Just lovely Beca! You are doing great. I have colored pencils in my craft area, scarf started because just took beginner knitting class, new painting started... Easy to be scattered. Especially in this heat.

  4. Your beautiful post has made my heart dance a happy jig this morning, lovely Beca. Do you know I have a similar bible with gorgeous pictures waiting for my colour pencils. Isn't being visual the best thing. Love, love, love your beautiful photos! A beautiful weekend to you, lovely lady. Xx

  5. Hi Beca such beautiful work you do ,love what you are doing in your bible,and you sure are clever,doing crocheting and knitting as well,thats awesome my friend well done xx

  6. Hello Beca .... your blog is just beautiful!! What a delight to "visit you". I love to colour in also & have been doing some stitchery on calico that I then colour in with pencils. Love your work ... & yes, I would definately have had to bring that Granny Square crochet cushion home with me that you featured in your last post. I am just about to become your new follower Xx Julie

  7. Very pretty artwork! I'm definitely a dabbler. I enjoy my weekly art dates with my friend, Aruna. She's definitely much more serious about her work than I am. I have always loved drawing and am not so concerned about the outcome. Just enjoying my time and the company. :)

  8. Lovely artwork! I also like working on various art and craft stuff but haven't got time for drawing and coloring recently.

  9. I love coloring too! Such a simple activity that brings joy!

  10. A beautiful bible Beca, a lovely idea. Cathy x

  11. Your creative writing skills are so good!!


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