July 6, 2018

Groovy Baby...

No I didn't need it.

I'm not even sure that I like it.

But I bought it anyway,

I'm  not sure why.

Burnt orange and poopy brown are not my favorite colors.
Especially not together.

 But there it was laying sadly at the bottom of a plastic bin at our local thrift.  It immediately caught my eye.  Something about its retro psychedelic funkiness appealed to me.

Sanford and Sons comes to mind and all that gritty early seventies vibe. 
I am, after all, a child of the seventies.  I remember it well.

Throw in the classic granny square and the handmade charm ...

it was instant...

I knew it was coming home with me.

It was fifty percent off day too.
This little groovy number only set me back a whole dollar.

That's some kind of a deal when you think about somebody long ago
 making this by hand stitch by stitch.

Am I the only crazy mom in town that loves vintage and handmade?
Quite possibly so.

I think an update is in order soon for this poor homely pillow,
but for now, I'm keeping it as is,
in all its retro glory.


  1. Wow that is a groovy pillow! Very well made and some thought went into it, so I don't blame you for bringing it home. I am sure you can add your own little flair to this vintage piece.

  2. Put into your home the things that you love . . . The colors would be great for Autumn decorating, or even for this marvelous BoHo decorating that is so popular right now. It reminds me of an afghan that my sweet Momma made me in the seventies :) I love vintage and retro. After all I fit into that category . . . I wonder if I was at the bottom of a thrift store bin, would someone take me home?

  3. It you are crazy, then so am I....isn't vintage homemade the best?? Your cushion oodles funkiness and it only cost $1....really?? A bargain in anyone's language. Of course you had to take it home with you.

  4. Hi Beca I love this cushion,not my colours either but I really like it ,I am glad you bought it and gave it a home ,good buying my friend xx

  5. Hello Beca, oh that pillow is so nice and what crazy combos everyone used back then. Orange and brown were so popular together. I love it on that pretty chair and you can't beat the price of the pillow. :)

  6. You are giving the groovy cushion a new life, a second chance. It's fun!

  7. Great find, colors than we may not think of using together these days, but I think it looks great.... perhaps the fact that it is crochet makes it all work!

  8. How wonderful to relove the cushion, it does look very at home on your comfy looking chair xx

  9. Hi Beca, Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Your thrifty 'new' pillow is exactly the colours my mom used when she crocheted an afghan way back when.
    I love finding interesting things at thrift stores too.

  10. Hello, I found your blog via Cheryl's. I've loved looking through your past posts :-)
    The vintage crochet cushion is lovely, what a find, and It looks perfect on that chair.


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