November 17, 2018

Little Nothings...

Hello dear friends,

Just a few random nothings to share with you today.

These succulents were once outside but I've moved them in. 
They now reside in my kitchen.

A Fall vignette I put together at the beginning of the season.  I was eager to fill my home with these rich Fall colors.

Some of you may already have your homes decked with Christmas decorations.
Here I am still in Fall mode.

More pumpkin bread.  'Tis the season for everything pumpkin.

 I have a good recipe for pumpkin bread but it makes a lot.  I forgot to half it and ended up with four loaves.

 Oh well, three of them went into the freezer to be eaten on a later date.

I found these cute crochet earrings at WM on clearance.  They had my name written all over them since I'm a crocheter.

 I thought they would be heavy but they're not.  Just something fun to wear.
I like dangly earrings.

We got a bit of wintry weather this week and woke up to snow a couple of days ago.  They were calling for much more but we only got a dusting.  It was all gone within a few hours.  That's my kind of snow storm.  One that comes and goes quickly and doesn't stick around.

Hope you're all staying warm and cozy!


  1. I also have to something with my succulents, I've a good number of them..

  2. Beca, how lovely your little home is oozing with gorgeous Fall vignettes. That pumpkin bread looks delicious. How fortuitous to have more loaves in the freezer just waiting for another day. Those ear rings are fabulous aren't they...and.....yes, your name is written all over them. I am afraid I too have not 'decked the halls' as yet. I suppose I should get a hurry on as Christmas is just around my 'Summer' corner. How pretty your dusting of snow looks, though, I would imagine it is just a wee bit chilly up there. Have a beautiful week, lovely Beca.♥

  3. I'm new to your blog! This is such a lovely post! These are the type of cozy things that make me look forward the holidays!

  4. No Christmas decorations here either although I am sorely tempted. A bonus to have some extra loaves in the freezer, perfect for those busy days.

  5. Love your Fall decor and those earrings are just so fun and cute. I too am still loving the Fall foliage and decor. I am not yet ready for snow and winter. But it is knocking on our door. Very cold days of late. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!! Winnie

  6. Hello Beca ... I loved your fall decor & your succulents. I have been potting up some new succulents here too. Your new earings are just beautiful! They suit You!

  7. Hi Beca, Love your Autumn decor . . . roosters and sunflowers . . . what's not to love about that. Your new earrings are so pretty a bit on the Boho side and I love Boho. I guess I'm throwing that word around a lot "LOVE" but it's a good word . . . I think I love it, LOL.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    Connie :)

  8. Hi Beca, love your new earrings and the color is so pretty! I always love getting little peeks at your pretty decor. A dusting of snow is all you need - a little sugar coating to make things sweet! Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving. Hugs xo Karen

  9. such pretty fall elements in your home, i am still in fall, thanksgiving mode. we will probably "start" to decorate for christmas the friday after thanksgiving. it takes a few, maybe 2, days to decorate inside, and a half day to hang lights outside. pretty earrings, i have always wanted to wear big dangling earrings but i just look like a fish out of i have become a stud girl!!

    i wanted snow, but we did not get any. i live at the jersey shore so it will come and i will wait, impatiently!!

    you take beautiful pictures beca!!!!

  10. I like your new earrings. They look pretty on you. I too have a few fall decorations and wait until the beginning of December to decorate. We have put up a real tree for the past few years and we love it.
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving

  11. I love succulents as well and your lovely new earrings, and that bread looks yummy. I hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving weekend, dear Beca.

  12. Loving the succlents, a plant I cannot kill as they more a less look after themselves. The pumpkin bread looks delicious. I was wondering do you mind telling me how it's make looks delicious thanks♥️

  13. Your pumpkin bread looks good. I certainly wouldn't mind having a slice with a cup of hot strong coffee.

  14. I see the cold has reached you too! Keep warm! Anna x

  15. Your pumpkin bread looks very nice.

    It's hard to believe we are in the last few days of November, Christmas is just around the corner.

    All the best Jan

  16. Hi Beca, your fall vignette is beautiful! I'm still in the fall mood too. Here in California it never feels like winter, but right now a lot of trees changed colors, so it does feel like fall. And it finally started raining!
    I love your earrings! The color, size, and shape are perfect; they look lovely with your beautiful wavy hair.

  17. Hi Beca! Your earrings are so cute! They ARE you!

  18. Beca, those earrings are adorable! Love your fall vignette. The sunflower is gorgeous!


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