December 18, 2018

Pom Pom Embroidery Hoops

I always do a happy dance when I find vintage crewel work at the charity shop.  Especially when it's as adorable as this.  

I could not believe my eyes.  First I spotted Santa, then after a few moments I spotted Mrs. Clause a little bit further down the aisle.

Oh, yes! 
Into the shopping cart they went. 

I did a little bit of searching on the Internet and quickly found out these were a packaged kit sold by Bernat back in the seventies.  I just adore the avocado green  fabric, but what I like the most is knowing some sweet grandma lovingly stitched this by hand, many years ago.

You can see in one of the pictures above what they looked like when I found them.  They had wire garland glued around the hoop and were looking a little bit tacky.   I was able to rip out the garland fairly easy and with the help of a glue gun I added a few red and white pom poms.

An easy fix and a fun way to spend two dollars.

Ho Ho Ho
Merry Christmas!


  1. My goodness me, Beca, you certainly found fabulous treasure. I can't believe you found Mr and Mrs Clause in the thrift shop. They have been so beautifully fashioned by someone with love and care. I love the olive green too. Such a fabulous idea to put these pretties into hoops and then add whimsy with the cheery pom poms. Merry Christmas to you, lovely Beca♥

  2. Wow! Only $2. What a great find. You've allowed the beauty of them to really stand out with the new framing and embellishment.

  3. Those are cute and look much better with the pom poms than the garland.

    I want to thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your kind comment.

    Have a wonderful Christmas ~ FlowerLady

  4. Beca you updated these in such a cute way . . . you kept the vintage look but gave them a fresh feel. You're so clever . . . Merry Christmas sweet friend.

  5. Hi dear Beca,
    These are so precious! I love how you added to their cheerful whimsy with the pom poms also!!! Diana

  6. So cute! The pom poms are a perfect addition.

  7. Beautiful Beca. They would certainly have gone into my shopping cart too! They look wonderful. I am so sorry I have not been over to your blog, we lost our internet for quite some time after an electrical storm & I am just now catching up on everyone. Xx

  8. Perfectly cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Happy Holidays !

  9. These are so good, so cute!

    All the best Jan

  10. in the world could anyone give these away. i like the changes you made!!

  11. Oh, so adorable! Such a cute update! Merry Christmas, Dear Beca, to you and your loved ones, and many blessings in the coming new year. xx Karen

  12. I love how you fix this up and added the pom poms and how nice they look now for your decorations.
    Wising you and your family a Merry Christmas.
    Julie xo


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