July 12, 2019

My Fifty Cent Mug Crush ♥

It is no secret to those that live in my house.

I have a thing for mugs.

I see one I like, and I can't resist.
I end up bringing it home with me.

What is it about mugs that makes them so fun to buy?  Maybe it's because they're cheap and it's a virtually guilt free purchase.   Maybe it's because they're practical and they're handy to have around,

...or maybe I just like drinking my morning coffee out of a cute mug.
Yes, I think that's what it is.

You see it folks?
Isn't it adorable?
This beautiful piece of pottery only set me back fifty cents.  It was marked a dollar but it was half price day at our local thrift. 

It's so retro, so artisan, so New Mexico.
It's so ME.

I looked and looked and looked for a second one.  Maybe it had a pair.  But there wasn't another to be seen.  There was just the one.

Who in their right mind would ever rid themselves of such a cool coffee cup?
It boggles my brain.

See there, it's even marked with the place of my birth.
It was meant to be mine. 

While it's true, money can't buy happiness,

a little sweetness makes it's way into your day in the shape of a cheery mug.


  1. That beautiful mug was certainly meant to be, a great find. Loved your bible page, a real delight.

  2. Beca, you always find the 'just-right-for-you' treasures at thrift shops. Your mug is a pretty those bright and happy flowers. How lovely to sit in the morning with your cup of hot brew, reading your bible and colouring in the sweet pictures. Sounds like bliss to me.

  3. Hey Becca! Yes that mug was meant for you. It's so pretty! I've been drinking coffee from the same big Walmart mug for years now. Maybe a change would be good. :) I'm wondering if I forgot to add you to my blog list back when I first followed you, as I never see when you post something. Going to check now. Thank you for visiting and leaving a comment. Henny

  4. I love your mug you got at the thrift store. It's so pretty and it's nice to have coffee or tea in mug you love! Hope you have a nice week ahead.

  5. Very pretty mug! Did you make the coaster under it? I love mugs also but since my house is so small, I have to be careful with any purchase...which isn't too difficult, living on a small budget!!! Love reading your posts! Diana

  6. Hi Beca! Oh, I agree! That's a good one. I love mugs, too. I'm kinda picky these days because some limits must be put on my mug accumulations! Have a bright day, friend!

  7. Sweet mug . . . It will make your morning coffee much more pleasurable.
    Enjoy :)

  8. Such a fun mug. I'm with you - the right mug makes all the difference.

  9. Yes, there are some amazing mugs around, this one looks great.

    All the best Jan


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