January 23, 2014

Selling My House...

Busy, tired, and stressed...
that's how I've been all week.  
Sometime in the near future, our family will be moving to New Mexico.  Hubby and I made that decision back in October.  We will be moving up there to serve at a church where hubby's dad is the pastor.  Hubby will be helping his dad with the church's responsibilities and acting as Assosiate Pastor.  We waited until after the holidays to get the house ready to sell.  I'd been slowly working on it, pacing myself not wanting to to put too much pressure on myself.  Aside from the daily chores, I also homeschool so getting the house ready to sell was just done in between everything else.  Until a few days ago...

Monday evening we get a call that someone wants to come see our house.  Apparently someone we know, told someone who knew someone else that was moving into the area, that we were selling our home and that they would be in town Friday and wanted to see it.  Panic immediately set in.  We don't even have our house on the market yet!  There's so much work to do! How will I ever get it ready by Friday??? All these things raced through my mind.  I told the kids school was cancelled for the rest of the week so we could focus on the house.  Cheers and laughter....they were happy.

We've gone through every room of this house.  We've moved furniture, organized closets, scrubbed floors, cleaned ceiling fans, cleaned windows, and tidied up the yard and we even managed to pack a few things while we were at it.  I thought our house was clean before but the thought of people walking through our house just made me want to clean every square inch of it.  

I'm so glad we're done.  It's been a stressful week but I won't relax until tomorrow is over and the people have come and gone.  Moving is bad enough on it's own but this whole business of selling the house is nerve wracking to me.  Will I be able to keep the house tidy and "show ready" all the time?  I do have three teenagers home all day every day.  During the day the table is full of workbooks, pencils, and calculators.  Oh my!  I'm dreading the process.  We're praying for a quick sell.

Tonight after finishing up the last closet I had the idea of taking a few pictures.  

Not a lot of crochet going on this week.  I've started an infinity scarf.  It's the colorful one in the basket.  I ran out of yarn so it's not finished but it's more than halfway done. I've missed picking up my hook and getting lost in my yarn.  It's therapeutic in a way.  Once I pick up some more yarn I'll make some time for it. 
Off to rest now...


  1. Hi Foxxy, wow what a big job moving is and I really hope that you sell the house fast. Good luck with all this and yes crocheting and knitting helps with stress!

  2. The worse part of trying to sell a house is keeping it in 'show house' condition whilst trying to live in it isn't it. I hope it sells quickly and you have a stress free move. Julie x

  3. So much stress....I know what it is...Be calm and everything will be fine...
    Good luck !!!

  4. Beautiful photos! Hope everything goes well with the house! :)

  5. Good luck to you guys! Where in NM will you be moving? I live in Albuquerque, so let me know if I can offer any info or advice.

  6. Wow! What an busy, exciting, stressfull week. Glad your children were ok with having to cancel school for a couple of days. I can't imagine someone to pop by and see my house! I would need a good year to prepare. :) The pictures of your home look lovely. Good luck!

  7. Prayers, when we sold ours I was homeschooling three and potty-training another....was very stressfull indeed.
    Now trying to paint and school four...oh my!

  8. I would have never been as action packed as you in this situation. After all that work, trust they were interested in your home,

  9. My parents are looking to move to SW New Mexico. They have a travel trailer down there & head down when they can. They'll probably be trying to sell our family home this summer. I will probably cry! My mom moved here with her parents & brother in 1952. That doesn't happen much now... Good luck with selling & your move.

    Check out my embroidery/ redwork blog if you are interested. (GYB)


  10. The real worthy stuff takes time; time to build and hone the argument and getting the sale through. Kudos for going through that daily grind full of confidence and sureness. It's all we've got sometimes, and then some. :) Just keep on persevering, and you will make that sale eventually.



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